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Sarah Bennett
Founder & Principal

Rooted Edge Consulting provides consulting support for mission-based organizations and nonprofits and nonprofit staff, including: running full-cycle recruitment searches; staff management consulting trainings and support; and trainings on effectively recruiting top staff. We're an organizational development consulting group, helping to ensure nonprofits are staffed up and bringing strong management practices to their mission and work with values centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We are proud to partner with clients doing critical work to work for a better, more just, livable world, and believe our counsel, training, and support help strengthen that impact.

What We Offer

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Current and former clients:

This is a partial list of our current and former clients, and Includes partners under our original name, Sarah Bennett Consulting

Client Testimonials

"I've had the opportunity to work with Sarah for about 2 and a half years, given the close partnership between her and Waxman Strategies.
Over the last 2 and half years I have found her to be hard working, dependable and committed to strong core values and practices. Her guidance on a myriad of topics and every changing circumstances in the world has been a treasured asset to Waxman Strategies.
She is not just a consultant to our firm; we consider her a true valued member of our team.

Sarah's team has coordinated dozens of searches for our firm, which span across four different practices, and has strengthened our recruitment process, bringing DEIJ best practices to our hiring, and helping us build a talented team.
I believe Waxman’s ability to retain the smart, values driven employees it has is directly related to Sarah and her team’s ability to recruit using a proven process that brings us the strongest candidates.

I also appreciate the counsel, partnership, and friendship Sarah brings to her partnership with our mission-based firm. She's driven to make change in the world, cares deeply about helping her clients build the teams they need, while also strengthening their approach to management and DEIJ values day to day. She's a listening ear when you need one, brings fresh perspective to any challenge, always with an upbeat demeanor and outlook. Sarah and her team would be an asset to any partner they work beside.

Aliya DeGeneste-Wheeler
Vice President of People and Culture
Waxman Strategies

"Sarah Bennett has played an
absolutely indispensable role
in building our team from scrappy start-up to global player in environmental advocacy, forests and climate change.

She has set up an array of rigorous systems to ensure our recruitment and hiring processes identify and attract the kind of extremely qualified, best-in-their-field candidates we seek.
She brought with her deep expertise in, comfort with, and success applying Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice to the recruitment and hiring process, and our organization is much richer and stronger for it.

Finally, Sarah is just an absolute delight to work with; she always brings a smile, a sympathetic ear, and an infectious excitement for her work and advancing the overall mission. Sarah’s versatility and track record of success make me strongly recommend her to anyone looking to hire wonderful people and build a stronger organization at the same time.

Glenn Hurowitz
Founder and CEO
Mighty Earth

"Sarah's ability to capture and relay the full measure of job candidates is unparalleled.
She has incredibly keen instincts about how a person will 'fit' within an organization.
Perhaps most valuably, she was able to help ME figure out what I needed for my open positions—she helped me articulate my 'dream hires' and then she went and found them!
I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah. She is the best recruiter with whom I've ever had the pleasure of collaborating.

Jill Beckwith
Senior Director of Philanthropy
Mothers Out Front